Rideshare Hub Atlanta

Hi there and welcome to UberHubAtlanta.com. The link is right beneath this video. It will take you through to the website, show you the address, the opening times etc, but if you have general questions, I’m available 365. You can reach out to me. I put in my email and my text number underneath this video. If you have some very basic questions, you can maybe save yourself the trip all the way down to the Atlanta hub, right. Why do people usually go to the Atlanta hub? Well, it’s for activation purposes or to run into a deactivation that means that they have cut your account, you got to go in and sort it out with a live person. Why were you deactivated, what were the reasons, how can you get back into the game. I can also give you a lot of valuable information when it comes to that, right. God forbid, you ever get deactivate is very stressful but I can surely help you on that one as well. Now, when it comes to creating an account, activating an account, they’ll want to see banking details, they’ll want to see your registration, your insurance documents and your driver’s license, those four factors. If you sign up through the hub, you are missing out on the referral bonus or the referral guarantee. If you do that through my referral link, you will get that guarantee and bonus and you can upload those very same four documents right through the app, after you have created the account. Just wanted to let you know that, alright. So excited to help you, available 365, all the details, ladies and gentlemen for Atlanta

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